NEWS: White House Education Game Jam 1

WhiteHouseLogoChris has been invited by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and the Office of Public Engagement to participate in an education game jam beginning Saturday, September 6, 2014, and concluding Monday, September 8.


An artist’s rendition of a Pearbat in flight

The game jam will see small teams ‘jamming’ to build games in 48 hours based on educational ideas that the event planners will provide at the start of the event. Chris has teamed up with three gung ho developers from Pearson to form the ‘Fightin’ Pearbats!’ (a mashup of Pearson and Wombat).

“The gauntlet has already been thrown at the team from GlassLab, and soon the other teams from around the country will no doubt learn to respect, if not fear, the crucible of classroom curriculum creativity that springs from the Pearbat’s human/marsupial teamwork.” – Excited onlooker

Huge thanks to our old friend Mark DeLoura, who now runs the games division of the Office of Science and Technology Policy, for setting up the event and inviting us to attend. This event promises to be a lot of hard work and fun, and will shine a spotlight on the wave of incredible games based innovation taking place all across the world of education.


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