Creative Director and Game Designer

Past: Videogame Development

Chris 'Wombat' Crowell is a Game Designer and Creative Director with 20+ years experience creating a wide range of critically acclaimed games. He has worked with globally known brands such as NASCAR, Tiger Woods, Sim CityThe Sims, Open Season, Indiana Jonesand Kung Fu Panda. He co-founded the online division at Behavior Interactive, developing the kids MMO Monkey Quest in partnership with Nickelodeon. At Tribal Nova, as Creative Director he helped launch the Woozworld startup, a virtual world for tweens. At Ganz Studios (home of WebKinz) he directed the creation of the Tail Towns MMO and social game for Facebook. 

Chris has served on the Board of Directors for the International Game Developers Association, and is a founder of the Positive Impact Games SIG.

Present: Game Based Learning Development

In recent years Chris has shifted his focus toward working with educators to create engaging and effective Game Based Learning and Digital Education experiences. The impact of digital interactivity is creating rapid evolution of education at every level, from STEM sandbox simulations like MinecraftEdu to more tightly focused games that engage learners with very specific curriculum elements in classes and at home. He has worked with leaders in this field such as Glass Labs, Pearson, and TVO to develop cutting edge projects such as Pearson's Insight Learning System and  TVO's mPower suite of classroom games. Chris is currently working at ProdigyGame.com, a massively multiplayer game played by millions of elementary students that mixes gameplay with grade 1-8 math curriculum.

In 2014 He was honored to participate in the White House Educational Game Jam

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