Welcome to Hexplorer, where you and your friends play as intrepid explorers in a wild new land!

Inside the safety of your outpost, you will meet the governor, snoop for rumors, search the markets for gear, and hire experts. But you, your party, and your bumbling apprentice must head out into the dangerous and unpredictable wild lands, doing whatever it takes in search of the discoveries that will earn you fame and fortune on your race to victory.


Gameplay: Strategy, Adventure, Exploration for 2 - 6 players. Ages 6 and up. *Some mature situations are humorously implied in the stories.

Educational: Meet people and find discoveries from real world history!

Replay Value: High! Base game has 8 famous Explorers, 20 Map tiles, 72 Rumors, and loads of different Gear, Experts, and Wild event cards.



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Hexplorer is available at TheGameCrafter.com, a print on demand (PoP) site in the USA that specializes in high quality board and card games.