Article: Is Pearson the problem or the solution that education needs?

I am biased to thinking, that at least in one corner, they are at least part of the solution. I worked with Kristen at Pearson Research and Innovation to develop Alice in Arealand, a game that teaches geometry and gathers metrics to help teachers assess their students progress. This article […]

White House Game Jam: Filament Games “Land Grab”

As a game designer, I have always been fascinated with the dynamics of the Tragedy of the Commons scenario. This is something that every multi-player game needs to be aware of, and to design around. The Filament team at the WF Game Jam decided to make a game that puts […]

White House Game Jam: Recap

The White House Game Jam event was simply amazing. Over a hundred passionate game developers, a team of informative subject matter experts and prescient staff who all worked their collective butts off to create some stellar educational games in 48 hours . Kristen DiCerbo from Pearson has written an excellent […]

NEWS: White House Education Game Jam

Chris has been invited by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and the Office of Public Engagement to participate in an education game jam beginning Saturday, September 6, 2014, and concluding Monday, September 8. The game jam will see small teams ‘jamming’ to build games in 48 […]

IGDA Webinar – Monetization

  Here is a link to my webinar of June 18, 2014 where I spoke on the topic of Monetizing – What is it, how to design for it, why it is not The End Of The World for game designers or players. We had a number of designers from […]

BLOG: Paying For It – Ruminations on The Pay To Win Conundrum

  It is interesting how we videogame designers feel pay to win is a bad thing, when the entire world around us is literally running in that paradigm. Money gives people critical advantage in the game of life from the best schools, the best cars, the best medical care, all the way to […]