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Teaching and Workshops


  • Presentation of established curriculum contextualized with extensive industry experience
  • Individualized student work reviews with constructive feedback
  • Leading and monitoring inter-student communication
  • Coordination with faculty to evolve current curriculum content, and author new content.


  • Collaborative project based learning sessions for educators
  • Delivers hands on experience with a proven process to develop initial concepts into ‘ugly prototypes’.
  • Breaks the mystery of making an educational game in a classroom, giving educators the confidence to repeat this exercise with their students.

Descriptor for my popular Let’s Make a Game workshop

Are you a teacher that is that is highly motivated, but hesitant or unskilled at teaching students how to create games? In this ‘game jam’ workshop I will lead the group through the stages of creating a GBL experience. 
The stages are:
1. deconstructing a curriculum of your choice to focus on selected elements
2. concepting interesting gameplay that uses those elements
3. creating a playable physical prototype from a big box of game pieces. 
During the whole process we will discuss the choices and make the changes needed to evolve the concepts into an engaging play experience that deepens the understanding of the curriculum. 
You will come away with:
* understanding of essential elements of game design
* understanding of how that design should resonate with the curriculum to create a cohesive game
* hands on experience in game creation, and greater confidence in trying your hand at game creation in your classroom.